Adam Ayash 3

I can't believe a year and a half has passed since I last posted about stunning and sexy Adam Ayash
Shame on me ...  
Adam really deserves a post a month!

 Michael Anthony Downs

Here are a few shots from by Michael Anthony Downs, one photo by Rick Day and three by Thomas Synnamon.


Rick Day

Thomas Synnamon

Michael Anthony Downs


gizmo666 said…
As much as I love Adam, I've yet to see him with his butt out which is killing me!
DJ said…
Well ... the closest we got to see Adam's obviously great muscular perky butt was on the pic I have just posted - see bottom of post.

Stunning shot by Michael Anthony Downs.
Anonymous said…
Do You know what his nationality is (besides American)? I initially thought he is of some Middle Eastern decent.

I'm mainly asking because I saw somewhere on a Brazilian blog, they are claiming he is Brazilian .. and not even named Adam.

I'd like to tell them who and what he really is.

DJ said…
Yes Anonymous, you got it totally right. Adam is of Middle Eastern decent. He is definitely not Brazilian! I can see why some people might think that ... Brazilian models are some of the hottest and most gorgeous guys on earth! :-)

Hope you enjoy the blog!

John said…
DJ, I believe I've seen it somewhere that he is of Lebanese decent.
Anonymous said…
Oh!!!!! My goodness!!!!!! He's so handsome and so gorgeous!!!!!! Hope I would like to met him personally, and asking him to undress himself in front of me!!!!! He's not just an eye candy, but also a gorgeous stud I've been dreaming of!!!! I think that he's the one that will feed my lustful indulgences!!!! Lol!!!!! Now, Adam, I'm thinking of you that, you have a meal with me, eating the forbidden fruit!!!!!! Lol!!!