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Marcelino Rosas

Marcelino Rosas is a model of Hispanic background, from Maywood, California. He was born on 22 May 1989.

He has worked with photographers such as Kurt R. Brown, Rick Day, Dylan Rosser, Scott Hoover, Thomas Watkin, David P Gilmore, Greg Gorman, Wander Aguiar, Michael Michaud among others and has appeared in several coffee table books by Bruno Gmünder, Rick Day, Steve Hoover, Dylan Rosser and Kurt R. Brown.

You probably saw him in magazines such as DNA, TMF, QX or M Mensuel. Marcelino also did a calendar, Latin Men in 2009 (where he was the cover boy) by Kurt R. Brown.

In a relatively short time Marcelino has gathered a lot of experience but he nonetheless has remained  very down to earth.

On his facebook page Marcelino states:  “My general goal in life is to make a positive contribution to the world. I will be everything I want to be. It's my life and I can accomplish anything if I set my mind to it.  Join me on my life journey and get to know me.  You'll be glad you did.”
This 22 year…

Michael Montesanto

26 year old stunning model Michael Montesanto lives in New York on Long Island. He is half Italian and half Ukrainian – American, which no doubt gave him such gorgeous and exotic looks.

Adam Raphael

He has been modelling for about 4 years now and is a totally natural model. His gorgeous tight muscular physique shows that. In order to get a physique like this Michael has a strict lifestyle; working very hard to reach his goals and eating healthy to achieve his results.

Bill Terry

Michael is always looking to add different styles and looks to his portfolio and he would like to expand his work and shoot in different places, themes, make-up, hair etc. One thing he will not do is nude or implied work.

Dylan Rosser

In his young career since 2007, Michael has already worked with some great photographers and was the cover boy in two magazines: HX Magazine (2007) and 411 Magazine.
Dylan Rosser