Gary Taylor 3

I haven't posted about Gary for over a year ... so an update was way overdue.

a couple of shots before the ink

Gary has just returned to with brand new material by Michael Anthony Downs. Gary is buffer, perhaps even sexier than before (if that was possible!) and is now covered with ink work!

the first tattoo

Some people (including me) think Gary has gone way over board with the tatts and that it is now affecting his sex appeal. 
But at the end of the day this is his choice.

I personally like tattoos and inked bodies can be real works of art. It's just that I knew Gary before he started getting inked and I loved his physique and smooth sexy body. After the first large side tattoo I thought it was a pity he had decided to do this but it didn't lessen my enjoyment. Now Gary had come back with more tattoos and this is when I think it has gone too far. My humble opinion of course ... Some people will think that it has enhanced his hotness!

You be the judge!

One thing is certain though, Gary's physique has changed a lot since his last update and I am still enjoying him ... hope you do to!

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Furious Fotog 2012


badboy said…
I like him with the tattoos .With a body like that you could have whatever you want and you will look gorgeous
Mens Sex Toys said…
Absolutely stunning. I love a guy with some ink, and when it's something original it's even better.
Coy said…
The tatt's are nice and I think an enhancement. It's the haircut that is unfortunate but that grows out. lol. Ultimately, he's a gorgeous man.
Anonymous said…
Why anyone with such an amazing body wants to cover it with someone else's ridiculous graffiti. It's akin to covering the Mona Lisa with spray paint. Bleah.
Anonymous said…
Tats or no tats he is a beautiful man!!
jenny lawn said…
The ink enhances his appeal as far as I'm concerned. His physique is second to none, he's worked hard and it shows, he should be proud of his achievement.
Ali said…
He is one of the most beautiful men I've ever seen - with or with out the tats!! I personally love a man with them. Trust me they do not discourage the eye from his beautiful body!!
Anonymous said…
Tats are very nice!!! He's so sexy!!!!