Cory Grant

Stunning and sexy 24 year old Cory Grant is an American actor and model.

Cory is your typical all american boy next door. 
This gorgeous native born Californian moved to Los Angeles in 2008 to continue is growing modelling and acting career. 

He has travelled extensively and has worked with leading photographers such as Scott Hoover and Matthew Mitchell

His image has appeared in a wide variety of print ad campaigns and his career is expanding into film, television and theatre. 

Cory is already landing small parts and looking for his big break into a leading or featured role. That break is sure to come with his natural good looks, great smile and his ability to light up the camera. 

In the meantime let's enjoy the many photos of Cory!

All photographic copyrights to Steve Hooper


B.B said…
Nice body and pretty face! Liked!
Eric Harris said…
he is absolutely STUNNING!!!