Anthony Michael Cadrecha 3

A look back at one of my favourite fitness models at, the gorgeous and sexy Anthony!

He joined AAG at the tender age of 17 - some people thought he was a little too young to appear there - but Michael Anthony Downs, AAG main  photographer saw a huge potential in him and his gamble paid off!

Anthony is one of the most popular models there, if not the most - indeed he was voted AllAmericanGuys Model of the Year 2010.

Over the last 2 and a half years we have seen Anthony grow from a gorgeous muscular boy to a stunning sexy young man; and these photos show his progression at AAG and also how his physique and personality have developped. 

Anthony is extremely endearing and personable. He has kept his cheekiness and his friendliness and that is probably why, alongside his stunning looks and physique, he is everyone's favourite!

**All photographic copyrights to Michael Anthony Downs @ AAG
Hope you enjoy this trip back in time ...


Anonymous said…
Ohhhh, I think I fell in love again. *sigh*