Jordan 3

Jocelyn (left) Jordan (right)

Here are some photos of sexy Jordan from his latest work and we are thrilled at Stunning Men to be featuring him again.
It shows a different facet of his work and it is every bit as sexy as what I have seen from him so far.

This new work is Priape new ad campaign which was shot in Costa Rica.

A big marketing plan will follow in Canada and it will include catalogues, point of sales materials and large posters in every gay village.

Jordan's co-model is named Jocelyn and the campaign was shot by photographer Alexandre Berthiaume.

Let me know what you think about both models and the photographer's work! 

For more information about Jordan have a look at the previous two posts at Stunning Men (just click the label 'Jordan' at the end of this post) and make sure you check his website here.


Anonymous said…
I want the catalogue. How to get it ?
Hot,hot and hot...