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Jordan 3

Here are some photos of sexy Jordan from his latest work and we are thrilled at Stunning Men to be featuring him again. It shows a different facet of his work and it is every bit as sexy as what I have seen from him so far.

This new work is Priape new ad campaign which was shot in Costa Rica.

A big marketing plan will follow in Canada and it will include catalogues, point of sales materials and large posters in every gay village.

Jordan's co-model is named Jocelyn and the campaign was shot by photographer Alexandre Berthiaume.

Let me know what you think about both models and the photographer's work! 

For more information about Jordan have a look at the previous two posts at Stunning Men (just click the label 'J

Chris Downs 2

Brand new photos of stunning sexy cutie of the moment Chris Downs have been released at

What a treat and what a cheeky guy too!

For someone who considers himself a little shy ... it looks like Chris is getting more and more confident in front of the camera. And you don't hear me complain!

One of the things I love about Chris is his gorgeous boyish face combined with a sexy muscular physique ...

Hope you enjoy the photos as much as I do!

Fashion Hot Shots

Just over 2 years ago when I started this blog I wanted it to be mostly about fitness modelling with a strong focus on the male physique. During this time I have featured some the hottest sexiest and most gorgeous male models from all over the world.

Stunning Men has brought me many joys and pleasures; and not just to me as the site gets an average of 18000 hits every week!  But I have been thinking about bringing some changes for a while to make sure Stunning Men stays fresh and exciting. I started featuring photographers whose work I like for example. 

After considering several options I opted to create a secong blog and keep this one about the male physique whereas the new one, FASHION HOT SHOTS as its name implies, is focussing on male fashion modelling. It features models and photographers and is a place for up and coming artists to showcase their work and meet. Make up artists and stylist are also invited to share their work.

Some established models and photographers will also be f…

Brock Yuric 12

Brock has been busy these past few months, working with amazing photographers so I thought it was about time I updated his posts here at Stunning Men!
As you are probably aware stunningly sexy Brock is my fave model.
Here is work by Dennis Kwan, Rick Day, Michael Anthony Downs, Michael Cairn and Scott Hoover.
Enjoy!!! Dennis Kwan

Rick Day

Michael Anthony Downs

Michael Cairn