Philip Fusco 2

Breathtakingly gorgeous Phil has just joined and I am so thrilled!
by Scott Hoover

by Jon Whitney 2010

I have been a fan of his since I first saw him.

What a face! What a physique! What a man!

Hope you enjoy these amazing shots by 
Michael Anthony Downs @ AAG!


Anonymous said…
I so agree that Philip is exceptional, stunning. Thus, I am puzzled by your celebration of the fact he is posted on AAG. Imho, it is not a sign of career progress, but a step backward. Philip began his career light years ahead of AAG. Why regress?
DJ said…
Dear Anonymous ... First, I celebrate the fact that Phil has joined AAG because I like this site and Phil is a great addition to an already stunning group of models. And second, saying that this move is regression for Phil ... well, it's of course a matter of opinion. AAG is one of the most respected male fitness model sites on the net. I can't see that as regression for Phil; just another outlet to showcase his work. I also happen to like Mike Downs' work very much and love what he is doing with Phil!
Anonymous said…
You guys can argue all you want, I have been corresponding with Phil for at least 4 years off and on. He is a well situated young man and works hard at his modeling and keeps his body in beautiful shape, as he does with his face and his school work is very important to him. I just hope AAG don't spoil him, as they have many before him. In the mean time Phil will take care of himself and continue to be a hot sexy product, with a good head on his shoulders.
DJ said…
Who's arguing? LOL
This is just one exchange of opinions.
As for AAG 'spoiling' many models ... not sure what you mean by this (another) anonymous, but I'll leave you to your opinion too ...