Chris Downs

Super cute and fit Chris Downs has just joined the team of sexy models at


Chris is totally new to fitness modelling and these photos are from his very first shoot.

Chris comes from the state of Oregon and is only just 20! WOW! So much time to develop into a gorgeous hunky self confident model!

The blue eye / brown hair combo is always a winner for me and with Chris' beautiful blue eyes it’s no exception! He is such an adorable guy! I love his super trimmed gymnast type physique!

Chris is an avid sports fan and played football and basketball in high school.
He is currently attending college but is still undecided on his major.

Chris is not sure where modelling will take him but he is giving his all.

He is somewhat a little shy and reserved but looking at his first photos it is clear that he will get more confidence in front of the cameras.

I love these shots by Michael Anthony Downs. They show off his stunning physique very well and is great sexy smile!

In his spare time Chris loves playing football, working out and chilling with his friends.

Vital statistics:
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 182lbs
Waist: 31”
Chest: 21”
Eye colour: blue
Hair colour: brown
Hair length: short
Complexion: fair

All photographic copyrights to Michael Anthony Downs at and


B.B said…
Awwwn he is soooooo cuteee!! *-* Love it!
Dannyboi2 said…
On All American he goes by Evan Downs
Are they trying to confuse us? And so say that's Evans first Photo shoot, Yet Chris has stuff from other photographers all over the Net. hmm? Curiosity at best, why would they use 2 different names if he wants to make a brand for himself, you'd think he'd keep a name everyone could follow... just saying. He's Gorgeous in all no matter what his name is.. lol
DJ said…
Hey Dannyboi2! Thanks for your comment. yeah it can be a little confusing but it is not unusual for models to start in modelling under different names. Chris even did a test shoot with Rick Day under the name of Chris Colby!
Regarding his first shoot, it was indeed with Michael Anthony Downs for
He then started working with other photogs and you can now find quite a bit about him around.