Pete Michael Stellato

Gorgeous sexy Pete Michael Stellato is a 25-year-old American model originally from Springfield, Massachusetts but is now located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

I love his fair complexion, which is so well complimented by his dark hair and hazel eyes. Pete has a beautifully defined muscular sexy physique, demonstrated so well on the photo on the left!

Pete comes from a large Italian family and left home at an early age. He moved in with a bunch of friends where he had fun but also many struggles.

He was strong-minded as a kid and his difficult teenage years made him even more positive and somehow helped him move on and work harder. He went back to night school to finish his high school diploma. On receiving his diploma Pete went straight to Springfield Technical Community College, where he completed his Associates Degree. Now he is attending Nova Southeastern University and studying Exercise Science.

Pete started strength training at the young age of 16. He soon realised that it was a great way to release stress. Being part of the fitness industry has made him feel good about himself and proud to teach others the proper technique, form, breathing and most of all, the necessary nutrition.

Pete also practises hip-hop, which allows him to put his feelings and energy into an art. He’s been dancing since he was 13 years old learning from the great like Michael Jackson and Usher.

Pete loves helping people in life and through difficult situations. He feels that life is about knowing how to be happy with all the negativity around us. He enjoys reading positive thinking books like "The Secret" & "The Four Agreements."

For Pete modelling just happened. His friend Ian Daviau introduced him to the great Jorge Freire and his modelling career really took off!

Pete has worked with fantastic photographers including Edwin J’Lebron, Abel Cruz, Michael Anthony Downs, Jorge Freire, David Vance, S Louis Photography, Nikko Kefalas and Slav G Photography.

Vital statistics:
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 149lbs
Eye colour: hazel
Hair colour: Brown
Hair length: short
Skin colour: white

*** Some bio info taken from interview with DemonLover at

Pete's ModelMayhem and facebook pages
Slav G Photography
S Louis Photography

*** for the other photographers mentioned please check the links from the right hand side list.

with photographer extraordinaire Jorge Freire!

with Waleed Sokkar (left) and Jose Carlo Baptista Leon (center)


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