Jordan 2

For your eyes only people! You won't find these anywhere else! Jordan's unpublished series of photos that he untitled My Lustarium

And what a treat!

I like Jordan's work a  lot. It is very edgy and of course the sexuality element is very strong but it is combined with great sensuality. For me it's like a great show of the male flesh and body; a celebration of the male physique. It is reminiscent of the Physique Pictorial of the 50's to the 90's (the younger followers may have to google this!)

Jordan's work titillates and intrigues and at any rate it doesn't leave indifferent. It has the Marmite effect - I hope Jordan will forgive me for using that expression - you either love it or hate it!

Do let me know your thoughts on Jordan and his work.
In the meantime enjoy 'the show'!   
 *** Photography copyrights to Chocolat-Poire, HdeLUXE, TR Pics and Fotoxy.


Anonymous said…
I love this man. LOVE him.
Anonymous said…
Sexy and hot as hell