Courtney Grant 4

Gorgeous and sexy Courtney has just made the cover of Australian superb mag DNA shot by the amazing David Vance.

The cover is smokin' hot!
Congrats Courtney!

Enjoy people ...

*** Copyrights David Vance (top 4 photos),
Trung Nguyen and last photo unknown photographer


Anonymous said…
One of the most gorgeous man I've ever seen, doubtless. By the way, he is one of the AAG models, right?. Speaking of AAG models, I wish I would see photos of Thomas C. in this blog. He is a new AAG model and he is really stunning. Please!.
DJ said…
Yes, Courtney is totally scrumptious! And his gorgeousness is equalled by his sweetness and friendliness. The whole package!

As for Thomas, I intended to create a profile for him in a little while when I have gathered more info about him ... but since he already has a fan here at Stunning Men I might just find time to post about him this weekend ...
Thanks for your comment. DJ.x