Alvin Ailey

Alvin Ailey is such a treasure to know and his images such a gift to our souls. If ever you cross his path in the centre of Brussels where he has been living for the past few months, you are surely going to be warmed by the light shining from the wilderness of his natal Chad.

At the same time you might get intimidated by his powerful body which he gets from the deep Cameroonian bantu forest.

Alvin reached Belgium some weeks ago when he was discovered by one of the most famous Flemish photographers of VIPs. When we look at these wonderful shots, we all side with the very selective reputation of that high level photographer.

Alvin is a real athlete and a hard worker who's very fond of body attack**, fitness and cardio training. Indeed, he has never been known to take protein supplements or drink alcohol. The way he works out is not confined to pumping iron as usually seen.

He has such a natural, pure, healthy and sporty body combined to a strong and disciplined mind. Contrasting with his muscular strong body, Alvin shows out an incredible flexibility. His workout consists in muscling once a week, swimming once and cardio training twice a week. Each of those training day sessions always ends with a quarter full time stretching. According to Alvin, the more someone gives during each training session, the more he gets back and the best results are achieved.

The sheer idea of challenging always keeps him pushing his limits. This is how Alvin is becoming an unavoidable model in the European photo world and modelling business.

Stunning Men is proud to welcome for your pleasure, Alvin, one of Africa's most precious gifts!

** 'body attack' is a sort of cardio training based on running combining exercises of several sports such as volley, basket and football at the same time. It involves the heart rate growing up till the maximum. One body attack training session is thus made of two 20min pick cardio training, with a 5min active break of pumps and fnally a 15 min abs workout followed by stretching.

Vital statistics:
weight: 185 lbs. (84 kg)
height: 6' 1'' (1.85m)
hair: black
eyes: brown
chest: 43'' (110 cm)
waist: 32'' (82 cm)
inseam: 32'' (82 cm)
suit: regular
shoe: US: 11 / Eur: 45