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Waleed needs your vote! If like me you are a big fan of Waleed, then hurry and go vote for him now! Let's send him to Jamaica for a great shoot with Michael Anthony Downs and Luis Rafael!
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Dimitar Bozinovski

Beautiful and sexy Dimitar Bozinovski is a 24 years old model from Macedonia.  As he says himself ‘I am 100% Macedonian’! I think I want to relocate there …  He now lives in Columbus, Ohio, US.

His friends call him Dimi for short. Dimitar is fairly new to modelling but loves it!
As a younger man he would never have thought he would enjoy modelling, but ever since his first professional shoot he has become absolutely addicted to it!

Being from Eastern Europe, Dimitar has a very European style but combined to a Mediterranean look. His physical level of fitness also allows him to work in a variety of shoots.

He is working hard to achieve his goals and he will not stop until he has established himself in this industry.

With gorgeous looks like his and a stunning physique you can’t help but believe Dimitar will actually make it as a male model!

It would be amazing to him but a pleasure to us as we would see much more of this sexy young man! The close up shots reveal an amazingly beautiful fac…

Alvin Ailey

Alvin Ailey is such a treasure to know and his images such a gift to our souls. If ever you cross his path in the centre of Brussels where he has been living for the past few months, you are surely going to be warmed by the light shining from the wilderness of his natal Chad.

At the same time you might get intimidated by his powerful body which he gets from the deep Cameroonian bantu forest.
Alvin reached Belgium some weeks ago when he was discovered by one of the most famous Flemish photographers of VIPs. When we look at these wonderful shots, we all side with the very selective reputation of that high level photographer.

Alvin is a real athlete and a hard worker who's very fond of body attack**, fitness and cardio training. Indeed, he has never been known to take protein supplements or drink alcohol. The way he works out is not confined to pumping iron as usually seen.

Derek Richardson 2

I just can't tire of stunning and sexy Derek Richardson. He is so beautiful and yet so masculine. I love his tight cut muscular feline physique and his gorgeous classic looks! And who can resist that amazing 8-pack of his?

Here is some more of his work with 4 great photographers. Click on their name to see more of their work.

the amazing Thomas Synnamon

the talented Paul Reitz

the great Richard Gerst