Brock Yuric 11

My favourite model - in case you didn't know! LOL - the stunningly sexy Brock Yuric is hard at work with some of the best photographers of the moment.
I have featured many shots of this gorgeous model over the past months and here are some new ones from Scott Hoover (bottom three photos) and Edwin J'Lebron.

More to come very soon ...



B.B said…
Yeeeaaah, you're back!!! :D

I'm excited about this new year! I'm pretty sure that this year the blog will be better than ever!
And you know, I'm a big fan of you (DJ), of your blog and also of AAG, so I want to make a special request for you, and it's okay if say 'no' about that... but what I want to ask is if you can make some kind of "Special AAG Models" with all the best models of AAG ever!

I dunno, maybe a little research about the public of your blog.. to know who are the favorite AAG models of them!
I'm sorry if I'm talking too much... Is just a sugestion or if you don't like the way I'm saying, take this as a special request from your biggest fan! *-*

Bye. I'm glad you're back!

B.B said…
And Brock...OMG!!!
He's getting better and better every day!
DJ said…
Hi BB! Thanks for your continuous support and for your suggestions!
I have been looking for new ideas for the blog and I am starting to feature photographers along side models.
Now your AAG model idea is interesting. I will be working on this.

Take casre.
BillPrague said…
Thanks for all the photos of this sexy, talented young man. Definitely one to watch. A star being born. Envy your personal encounter in Edinburgh.
Anonymous said…
Love the jeans shot with all the chest and belly stubble. So used to all the shaved shots that I was a bit startled to see that this sweet-faced lad has got a full hairy chest and a broad swath of frizz over his belly.