Paul De Dona

As the year draws to a close I have been looking at new ideas for my blog for the new year. I have been posting about models and mentioned the photographers they have worked with; next year I will include posts about photographers new to me and others I know well and showcase their work.
As this is probably going to be my last post for 2010, I have decided to post about a photographer fairly new to me and whose work I find fresh and sexy. I have also discovered many first time models through his work.
Photographer extraordinaire Paul de Dona moved to London, UK where he now resides, from his native Australia.
Paul specialises in men’s fitness photography and his stunning work can be seen in various media.
Paul has worked with clients as diverse as 2xist and Baskit and with many other leading brands and websites.
He has promoted new ranges of underwear as well as new models whose career he has launched. His latest discoveries are the gorgeous and sexy Gray twins! Check their photos at the top of this post.
*** All photographic copyrights to Paul de Dona.
Don't forget to check Paul’s facebook fanpage and webpage to explore his stunning sexy work! 

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Paul de Dona Photography