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William Price 3

William has just finished a shoot with Michael Anthony Downs for

Here is a sneak preview of this stunning sexy guy! Top three photos. The third photo shows us what a sexy fashion model William could be!

All other photos copyrighted to Mike at AAG from previous shoots.


Jeff Grant 2

Here's a follow up post about gorgeous sexy hunk Jeff Grant!

Jeff has just come back from a shoot with the amazing Luis Rafael in London, UK.
The photos are stunning.Here's a taster for now ...

The fourth and ninth photos also feature the equally stunning and sexy Sean parker and Adam Fletcher, the 10th with Adam Fletcher.

The top two are by Michael Anthony Downs, the seventh and eighth photos are by Justin Tayler, fitness photographer and founder of

Hope you like as much as I do.

Brock Yuric 10

Here are some new stunning photographs of my favourite fitness model of all time, the gorgeous Brock Yurich by the amazing Jorge Freire taken from his FIGHT CLUB MIAMI series.

Brock has been working very hard these past few weeks to achieve the physique he is showing off on these pics. He has gained size and lean muscles. And it shows! His hard work and dedication have really paid off! The result is totally awesome!

Also featured is the stunning sexy Ian Daviau. Absolutely stunning work with two awesome models! So sexy!

Bryan Patrick