Nick Denbeigh

Nick Denbeigh was born on January 2, 1984 to mixed ethnic parents. His gorgeous features come from a unique combination of his Black and German mother and his Native American and Norwegian father. His unique last name? It’s English!

He grew up in Spokane, Washington and graduated from Lewis and Clark high school. He describes his hometown as beautiful and laid-back. “It’s all green,” he describes. “There are mountains nearby for snowboarding and all sorts of outdoor activities,” he continues. “But nightlife? It’s pretty boring.”

In high school Nick was a 2 year starter on his high school football team and 3 year starter and team captain of his basketball team.
This is also the time when model and acting begun to intrigue him. Nick modelled for the school bookstore, football posters, local magazines as well as local commercials.

In 2008, while playing arena football he was recruited by a talent scout and choreographer who had come across his pictures by chance online. Nick then decided to change careers. At the end of the 2008 arena football season he decided to take a chance and move to Hollywood to pursue his dreams of becoming an actor and model.

Nick got some instant success. He landed the lead role in Christina Milian’s music video “Us Against the World,” a part in Bring It On Fight To The Finish as well as other music videos and magazine spreads. Most recently you can see Nick throughout the world in Adidas Give/Get campaign.

Nick also did a spread for Captivate online magazine recently.
Nick loves modelling and wants to be a Calvin Klein model at some point.

He’s as humble as he is fine. “My best feature is my personality,” says the 6-foot stunner. “I like to joke around a lot.”

Despite all of his beautiful physical features, Nick is a total man’s man. “I love to get dirty, and fight, roll around, and play basketball or football,” he says.
Despite being an alpha-male type, he’s got a soft spot for romantic comedies. Also on his list of favourite films are “The Brothers” and “The Chronicles of Reddick” featuring Vin Diesel (Nick says that people think he looks like him).

Nick shot with Scott Hoover for DNA Magazine, Anthony Fausto for 3sixty Magazine, Carlos Arias among others.


Coy said…
Absolutely beautiful.
Anonymous said…
I met him in person last month at fashion show and i must say that he is a beautiful person inside and out. He has a gorgeous body that he works hard on as you can see. His smile and his passion for fitness modeling are truly amazing. I must say what you see is not all photo cropped he is as gorgeous in photos as he is in real life. Hope to meet again Nick Sabre's fashion show was fun. xoxo