Aiden Dhaval

Gorgeous and sexy 23 year old Aiden Dhaval was born and raised in Burlington, Vermont, USA. His parents are both from India. Dhaval means "dazzling" in Sanskrit – his name couldn’t be more appropriate as Aiden is absolutely stunning and dazzling!

Aiden goes to school in Daytona Beach, FL at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. He has just finished his Aerospace Engineering degree and now he is doing a Masters in Mechanical Engineering.

Aiden started modelling three years ago after a friend told him to post his photos on ModelMayhem.

He loves working out at the gym at school. For him it is more of a time to relax and focus. Aiden finds training almost more meditative than work. He loves doing full body techniques; it makes him feel more accomplished. Running hills is another important aspect of his fitness. It builds power in the legs and keeps him lean.

At first Aiden thought that being Indian might hurt his modelling prospects since most of the guys he saw were white with blue or green eyes. But he soon realised that his Indian background would help him have an edge over a lot of other models. Not only does he bring a different look to the table but also a whole different culture and set of ideas.

Aiden never really had any sort of goals when he started modelling. He has always loved doing it and is extremely passionate about his work. The most important thing for him is to have fun and enjoy the challenges coming his way. He just want to push the envelope, to evolve and grow, to be the best model hecan be and to never look back.

Aiden finds modelling to be a great balance to his structured life as an engineer. His true passion is business. He wants to become the next Donald Trump. He says that he has always had very expensive taste when it comes to material things. He knows that money and objects can not provide him the ultimate happiness he is looking for, but they sure do help put a smile on his face!

Aiden wants the millions of dollar yacht, the private jet and the huge mansion. He wants to be rich like everyone else! But the most important thing for him is to find people and also that one guy that shares the same ambition, drive and outlook on life as him.

Aiden listens to all kinds of music. He is at the moment caught up in the whole house music scene. He loves David Guetta, Fedde la Grand and other similar DJs. He loves going to clubs and dancing the night away so whatever is popular at the moment is sure to be on his ipod as well. He is also beginning to explore the whole country music thing, which he finds awesome to listen to in the car.

Aiden has worked with photographers such as AJRimaging, Mad Khemist Photography, Zedneram, MichaelNYC, Saitam Photography, Jon John Photography and Christopher Oakley. I could imagine him working with Rick Day, Luis Rafael or Jorge Freire for exemple!

**Some information taken from Aiden's ModelMayhem profile.**

Vital statistics:
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 150 lbs
Chest: 37"
Waist: 30"
Hair colour: Black
Hair length: Short
Eye colour: Brown
Skin colour: Brown


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He's very hot.