Tom Stapledon

Super hunk Tom Stapledon is an American model from Boston, Massachusetts, US.

Tom started his senior year of high school when he got a Bowflex. He first just wanted to stay in shape. He was only 135 lbs. but when he started to gain a little size he got more serious and changed his goal to getting bigger and more ripped rather than just training for general health.

loves seeing the changes in his body and has gained a lot more self confidence.
He stays motivated by needing to stay in peak shape for photo shoots.

Tom started modelling when he began to see significant changes in the way he looked from training and lifting weights.
He plans to compete in bodybuilding for the first time this year.

His work with
Rick Day has to be one of the sexiest and edgiest I have ever seen. Tom has amazing physical attributes and Rick has managed to use them to great effect. What a big boy Tom is!

has worked with photographers such as CS Photographic, Rick Day, Kristopher Kelly, Voyeur NYC, Carlos Arias, Joey Jones and Clemmons Photography.

Vital Statistics:
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 167 lbs
Measurements: 42-30-34
Shoe size: 11
Hair colour: Brown
Hair length: Short
Eye colour: Blue
Skin colour: Tanned