Clayton Moats

Gorgeous and sexy Clayton Moats is a model and aspiring actor from Newport News, Virginia, US. He was born on 23 July 1990.

He is also known as Jake Jenkins in the MMA world. Just check him out! 

Orlando Gustilo

He fights in Mixed Martial Arts, a sport he practises since high school, and wrestling. In our opinion he has the right physique for it! Clayton is very fit, with a very tight muscular body.
J Smith

He has been featured at where he worked with Michael Anthony Downs and he will make his debut at in the next few months.

Kelly Patton

Clayton has also worked with photographers such as Bill Whitlow, Shenandoah Long, Kermit Gresham and John Smith Photography.

Bill Whitlow

I can see great things from this stunning fun loving guy!

Michael Anthony Downs

More about Clayton when he has debuted at AAG so watch this space ...

Kermit Gresham


Anonymous said…
Wow how'd you get so freaking sexy?! I'd love to meet you.
Anonymous said…
I Love you. Youre so sexy, i dream about you every night. I wish my boyfriend had your body ;)
Anonymous said…
we need more naked pics of clayton