Brock Yuric 8

I'm just back
from the Edinburgh festival where I had the chance and honour of meeting up with
BROCK and seeing him perform in Putting It Together by Stephen Sondheim.

Not only is BROCK stunning and sexy but he is a very talented singer and actor!

I couldn't resist posting this photo of yours truly meeting up with
BROCK in an Irish bar in Edinburgh!

Three new photos of super hot & gorgeous BROCK have been posted at I really hope more are coming ...
*** Copyrights to Michael Anthony Downs @AAG

BROCK will be shooting with Carlos Arias when he comes back to Miami from Scotland where he is performing in a Sondheim show at the Edinburgh Festival this Summer. BROCK is getting hotter and hotter and his work edgier and edgier! What A magnificent guy!


Anonymous said…
Who is the cute red head in the pic w Brock.

Gotta say that Brock packs a wallop and a bell ringer cause he rings my bells big time.
DJ said…
Ha1 Ha! Ha! anonymous! :-)