William Price

William Price is a 24 year old engineer and part time model from Lincoln, Nebraska but he was raised in Florida and is currently living in Cocoa Beach. He was born on 29 June 1986.

William has an interesting ethnic background which no doubt played a part in his stunning looks! A mix of Italian, German & American Indian.

He got into modelling when he was contacted through his facebook and myspace profiles.

William hadn’t planned to do any modelling but as the opportunity presented itself he took it. And aren't we glad he did?

With gorgeous dark looks and a physique to die for I predict that William will have a great career in fitness modelling.

Now that he is about to join the stable of sexy hot models at AllAmericanGuys.com William is taking a step further achieving that goal.

William has done several photoshoots such as for Baskit Underwear and Sweatundergear. He is also a model at NorCalbodz where loads of photos can be found.

William loves sports, he played college football but had to quit after getting a bad knee injury. He practises MMA and like riding his mountain bike.

More to come about William so watch this space!

Please note that the bottom 5 photos posted are screencaps, hence the poor quality of the images.

*** All copyrights to Michael Anthony Downs at AAG

Vital statistics:

Height: 6' 2"

Weight: 205 lbs

Chest: 47"

Waist: 30"

Hair colour: Brown

Hair length: Short

Eye colour: Brown

Skin colour: Tanned


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Hey DJ, can you put some photos of the J-Twins?

DJ said…
Hi BB! I am not that keen on the J-twins as 'a model item' but I may post a few photos at some point as individually I think they have great physiques.