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Andres Segura Velencoso


Thomas Cunningham

Brand new model hunky Thomas Cunningham will be joining the stable in a few weeks.

In the meantime here are a few screencaps from his test shoot ... just to whet your appetite!

Enjoy but be careful not to burn yourself cos it's HOT!!!

Check back in a few weeks for more shots of this hunk!

Anthony Mainella


Victor Bell

As promised here are a few photos of Victor.

First photo by Will of PicsHappen.

Victor finally debuted at in July.

His AAG profile says that he comes from the state of Oklahoma. He was originally born in Russia, but moved to the States as a youngster. Victor is fluent in Russian and enjoys visiting whenever he gets a chance.

Aside from modelling, school and working out, Victor is very much into boxing. He's an amateur boxer currently training and fighting in small matches around the US.