Tory George 2

I really miss this gorgeous sexy man ... so I thought I'd post a few more photos. Tory has it all, a stunning sexy physique, a gorgeous smiling face, a very sweet friendly personality and tons of sex appeal! The whole package!

He is a fitness model and a perfect underwear model - just look at the dozens of underwear shots of Tory and you'll see what I mean! But he is also a very handsome guy who could do very well in fashion modelling.

Tory comes from the state of Florida in the Tampas Bay area. He's an ambitious, outgoing, funny and confident guy.

When he's not at the gym working on his eight-pack, you can find him playing volley ball, bowling, spending time with friends or playing with his cats. Tory considers himself "cocky" - would could blame him with such stunning physique - but if you get to know him a little you'll realise that he's just a great guy to be around
. Tory says that his hard exterior if a shell he keeps to protect himself but that inside he is as soft as cotton candy! Awrrr ... bless him ...

I'll definitely put Tory down on my Christmas list ... he is so adorable as well as a damn hot hunk!


Anonymous said…
hes on now ;)