Jordon Ross Nemitz

Jordon Nemitz was born in Fort Dodge, Iowa on October 5, 1983. He grew up in this small town with his family – Jordon has one brother and one sister - where he developed an interest in sports, especially baseball. Since he lived in the country he spent a lot of time outdoors. As a kid he did more than just sports. In his free time he was usually racing four-wheelers, getting into trouble with his friends or chasing girls!

Jordon received a baseball scholarship and he is very proud to say that his team made it to the World Series in Tennessee twice. He also attended Grand View University in Des Moines where he played ball and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business.

He also got to compete in the baseball tournaments in Florida during Spring Break of each year. And that’s where it all began for him. The first time he stepped foot onto the sandy beaches of Florida was the first time he truly visualised his dreams! It was then that he developed an interest in health and fitness. He began working out religiously and maintaining a strict diet. His friends accuse me of having an obsessive-compulsive disorder but he simply call it ‘discipline!’

After college, Jordon became a certified personal trainer and got involved with a local modelling agency. He appeared in local publications, infomercials, magazines, films, music videos, and commercial advertisements for companies such as Mediacom, Iowa Lottery and iWireless.

All American Guys recruited Jordon as a fitness model in 2008, where he worked with the amazing Michael Anthony Downs who produced super hot photos of Jordon. He has appeared in national fitness publications and magazines, such as: Men’s Exercise, Maximum Fitness and Exercise for Men.

In January 2010, Jordon beat out thousands of other hard-bodied hopefuls and was announced the winner of the “Hottest Bod in the World” contest, sponsored by Body Heat Cologne. He graced an 84-foot billboard atop Hollywood’s W Hotel.

As for today, Jordon is living life stress-free and trying to accomplish his dreams. Nothing would be possible without the loving support from his parents. He has a solid relationship with his family and he thanks God for everything He has brought him. He is just beginning to sink his teeth into acting and has recently appeared in two commercials. He appreciates this opportunity because it highlights the importance of personal fitness, offers new challenges and allows him to see new places and people. He hopes to work for some of the top fitness and fashion agencies in the business. As a true athlete would say “with desire, determination, dedication and the will to win” all things are possible."

Jordon’s kaleidoscope personality allows him to adapt to just about any situation, and he always loves a good challenge. He’s describes himself as having an all-or-nothing outlook on life.

Vital statistics:

Height: 6′3″
Weight: 215 lbs
Neck: 17″
Chest: 44”
Waist: 34″
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue


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