Judson Manor

Gorgeous freckle faced Judson joined AllAmericanGuys.com in the Summer of 2006. He was 19 at his debut and when these photos were taken. He is from Minnesota.

He was a college student at the time and a competitive bodybuilder. He's down to earth, ambitious and with a charming personality. He hoped to make it in the world of fitness, modelling and entertainment.

has a fresh cute boyish face with that innocent boy next door look. His physique is muscular without being overly worked out. He is in my opinion perfect boyfriend material; the kind of guy you wouldn’t mind introducing to your parents! Butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth ...

What I love with
Judson – apart from his gorgeous looks – is his cheekiness and and boyish cute ways.

His hobbies include working out, bodybuilding and travelling.

Vital statistics:
Height: 5'8
Weight: 165
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Waist: 30
Neck: 16
Chest: 42
Complexion: Medium


ryder said…
all american most definetly, country boy, and there is nothing wrong with good old country boy
Anonymous said…
hottest dude on the whole net...
[FS]`elmer said…
He's very handsome! I like his boyish looks :)
Anonymous said…
He's naturally beautifully the way a man ought to be. Not overdone, nor a pretty boy but handsomely masculine with a boyish charm. His legs are to die for.