Beiron Andersson

Some say that age makes a man mature and more attractive. Beiron Anderson is certainly a prime example. Another fine export from Sweden, Beiron is considered to be one of the first male supermodels in the world.

Born on1965 Jan 01 in Stokholm, Sweden, Beiron first came to the United States as an exchange student. He worked as a fitness trainer in California. His goal was to have his own gym. The gym where he worked recommended some modelling work for Beiron and the money made from just hours of work was more than what he had expected.

At the age of 25, Beiron made his debut in the modelling industry. He was soon featured in various campaigns for some of the most known designers, but his big break didn't come until he appeared in his first GUESS? campaign in August of 1992.

After his career had taken off, Beiron moved permanently to the United States. While juggling between his modelling schedule and being a husband and father, he was always showing enough care for his family and providing sufficient funds.

Standing 6 feet, at 170 pounds, Beiron spends his free time working out, playing sports and pursuing an interest in photography. He has appeared on segments of Entertainment Tonight, The Vicky Lawrence Show and E! Entertainment Television. In addition to modelling and acting, he released his own calendar.

Beiron has been off the male modelling map for a few years now, but people just don't seem to forget the flavour and style that he has brought to the male fashion. He lives in a small town in Colorado surrended by the Rocky Mountain.
Beiron will still do some modelling work from time to while running his gym like he had always dreamed about.