AAG Jackson

American fitness model Jackson joined All American Guys two or three years ago. For me he is the archetypical American super hunk! Great handsome face, stunning muscular sexy physique, blonde ... and well very hunky!

Jackson is from Illinois. Jackson hasn’t been active at AAG for over a year but I am a big fan of his! He’s one of the sexiest AAG models I’ve seen. Pity he hasn’t done much since his debut as I haven’t been able to find anything else from him on the net. If you have any other info (like a last name) please send them in!

Jackson’s AAG profile states that he is a very shy, quiet guy. He lives in the windy city of Chicago

and works as a computer programmer. This hunk appears to be very reserved when you meet him.

But, appearances can be deceiving.

Before you start thinking of him just as some computer geek, you should know that Jackson was a big high school and college jock. He played baseball for his college team and would really enjoy

coaching baseball part time now.

Jackson isn’t timid at all when it comes to modelling and has always secretly dreamed of being a male model. He would love to see himself on the cover of Men’s Fitness or Men’s Health some day soon.

Jackson is a superbly sculpted athlete. He loves the camera and the camera seems to return the


With his stunning physique I know Jackson would grace the covers of fitness magazines and advertising billboards and I know he could!

*** All photo copyrights to Micheal Anthony Downs for AllAmericanGuys.com