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Friday, 2 April 2010

Nick Bennett

Who's the daddy? Oh my God! He is!

20 year old Nick Bennett is a stunning big muscled hunk who has just joined AllAmericanGuys.com

I just can’t believe that this sexy guy is only 20! He has a stunningly huge physique for his age with even more amazing shoulders! I shouldn’t forget his amazing 8 pack abs, his gorgeous looks and of course one of the cutest outie belly button I have ever seen! LOL

His AAG profile gives us some insight into his life:

“Nick B. considers himself a very outgoing guy and loves to be the center of attention.
He's a college student with a high GPA, pursuing a bachelors and hopes to become a
physical therapist some day or perhaps work with animals.

When not hitting the books hard, he can be found partying (he loves to dance), hanging
out at the beach or pumping iron in the gym. Nick works out 5 days a week and has been
adding quite a bit of muscle as of lately. He claims to eat whatever he wants (including
junk food), and it somehow doesn't affect his six pack and physique. Nick also doesn't
consume alcohol, even when he's at wild crazy parties ... it's just one of the things he is
proud of.”

Nick’s favourite sports are football, track and field, volleyball. His most admired body part
is his shoulders ... and you have to admit that Nick has amazing shoulders!

Will update Nick’s page as soon as I find more material as this hunk deserves much more!

*** Note that the following 5 photos are screencaps from one of Nick's AAG video; hence the average quality of the images.


Anonymous said...

Wow Nick
Very big muscles for you r age
Good looks too
More Please

Anonymous said...

Nick is STUNNING, a beautiful man with so many more gorgeous years!

Fabo! said...

Nick if he's handsome and very sexy is as they say in my country "rich, the tremendous minority" in a beautiful and very muscular man that makes a man irresistibly

Anonymous said...

He is so sexy and big. Everything a girl wants in a man and more!

Anonymous said...

Everything a man wants in a man and more!