Jameson Arasi

Jameson Arasi, born in 1983, in Stony Brook Long Island, NY, is an American model. With gorgeous looks and stunning physique, Jameson is in my view your typical American jock! The near perfect symetry of his face and body puts him at the very top of supermodels! What amazingly beautiful eyes! What a hunk!

He graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a double major in journalism and History.

Jameson was discovered by an agent in New York City on the subway. He didn’t really pursue modelling at first because of his job as Editorial Producer for Major League Baseball’s website after college.
He began writing for the sports section of the local paper when he was 16 years old, then moved on to the High School paper. He had always done well in English and writing classes. In college, he wrote for The Badger Herald school newspaper and was accepted into the Journalism School his sophomore year.

Jameson worked as a “Shirtless Greeter” at Abercrombie and Fitch’s flagship store on Fifth Avenue. There he met a ton of models who persuaded him to have a go at modelling. They introduced him to some people and he decided to spend the winter modelling season in Miami.

In 2008, Jameson signed with prestigious modelling agency Front Management, splitting time between, New York City and Miami and working as a full-time model.

When not modelling, Jameson is a fitness enthusiast. He lifts occasionally, but for him the secret is definitely in the cardio and diet. Light weights and high repetitions help to stay cut, and he tries to do two-a-days at the gym one week out of the month to shock his body and really prevent him from plateauing. He does cardio sculpting, yoga and other high-intensity light weight training classes to maintain his physique. He also loves playing all major sports, most especially football and beach volleyball which is for him a great way to get some extra cardio in.

Jameson says he is a t-shirt and jeans guy, but he definitely likes to dress up for formal occasions.

Having that “All-American” look, Jameson would love to work for designers like Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger or Calvin Klein but he says he would love the challenge of working with a company/designer that he normally wouldn’t be casted for.

His motto reflects his determination to succeed, "Opportunities are seldom perfect ... but I've learned that if you aren't ready for them, they may never come again."

Jameson has worked with photographers such as Rick Day, Kurtiss Pittman.

*** Please note: some info was taken from an interview Jameson gave to Connex.24.7 ***