Leonardo Corredor

Beautiful boy
Leonardo Corredor epitomises what is extraordinary about male youth. He is sweet, sexy, charming, confident, a little cocky but innocent looking at the same time ...

22 year old Venezuelan
Leonardo is a model and actor. He was born in Arkansas, US but he grew up in Venezuela where all his family is from. Now he is living in Miami, FL studying and working with Wilhelmina Models.

Leornardo is also an amateur photographer.

He has guest starred in TV series such as “Control Remoto,” “Dum Dum” and “La Merienda”.
Leonardo was named Venezuela ‘great model’ of 2007.

He has worked with photographers such as
David Arnot, David Vance and Stefani Ania Suffo.

Vital statistics:
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 154 lbs
Hair colour: Brown
Hair length: Medium
Eye colour: Hazel
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Skin colour: Tanned


Anonymous said…
I love this Venezuelan model that I'm going crazy for her beauty, her figure and her eroticism. The most!