Bobby Momenteller

30 year old Bobby is a model, musician and bodybuilder.

I have been a big fan of Bobby from the day he joined in December 2007. Some people think that he has too many tattoos and that it is a distraction from his big muscular body. I personally think that they really suit him.

What I love the most about Bobby is his unique look! With a stunning muscular physique, striking looks and a cocky attitude Bobby has all the attributes to be an amazing model.

His work with Luis Rafael is nothing short of stunning! Luis pushed the limits with Bobby, creating ultra sexy, hot material which I consider ‘avant garde’. See the first photos posted. Michael Anthony Downs has done great work with Bobby, my only regret is that they didn't work together for very long.

This is how Bobby introduces himself in his AllAmericanGuys profile:
"I'm a mid-west boy! Born and raised in Rockford, Illinois 60mi west of Chicago. My name is Bobby. I’ve been modeling on and off through out my life. I’ve always been athletic playing most sports through out my life, excelling in Football and baseball. I most recently have been competing in Bodybuilding and modeling shows, competing in about 14 shows collectively. Competing brought me back to modeling from photographers interest in shooting with me. I love to model and act, i am a true passionate person about things i love and choose to do. I'm all or nothing and when i decide to do something i put in everything i have into it and want to make myself the best with constant improvement. If you follow my modeling work your not just gonna get the same old model when you see new pictures. I strive to bring a better body and look to each and every shoot, I want to give people the best of me every time in every way.

My other passion is music. I am a vocalist. Specializing in heavy metal/hard rock music. I love to write and express myself through my music. Along with weight training and being in the gym, it serves as the ultimate release for me. I could not live without working out or music! they go hand and hand for me. I am currently starting a new project with a new band. We are starting to write songs now, and plan to record and play live ASAP! Look for that in future updates. So now that you know a little about me, I hope that you love my work as much as i do and follow a exciting creative career that will never leave you bored and take you into different avenues of art."

Vital statistics:
Height: 6'0”
Weight: 185
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Waist: 32
Chest: 44


Mark said…
Stunningly VIRILE
Heaven Liegh said…
Bobby is a hottie!
Anonymous said…
Bobby , A beautiful man I will never get out of my mind , and glad of it......
Bobby Momenteller:

When if ever will you be coming to Vancouver, Canada ~ next?