AAG Chris

Note: the first 8 pics are screencaps from Chris' AAG video, hence the poor quality.

Newcomer Chris is 24 year old and comes from the state of Minnesota. He is a very sexy guy and knows how to tease us in front of the camera. Chris is a very photogenic model and a very confident young man.

His AAG profile tells us that he's a happy go lucky, ambitious and well mannered individual who also doesn't mind showing off his great physique for the cameras. Asked to describe himself in five words, Chris says he's "self-determined and ready to excel". When asked if he considers himself a "sex symbol" he says he does not. "I don't consider myself a sex symbol... I just work very hard for what I have in life and work hard to look the way I do."

But aside from his looks, Chris has a very easy going and like-able personality. He's relatively new to the world of modelling but hopes to accomplish as much as he can while there's an interest in him.

Aside from modelling Chris is also a personal trainer. He says that out of all his body parts, he enjoys working his abs the most.

Chris’ tattoos are a subject of discussion in the AAG forums. I personally love them on Chris. They make him even sexier!

All AAG photos copyrighted to Michael A Downs.

Vital statistics:
Height: 5'9
Weight: 170
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Waist: 31
Neck: 17
Chest: 42


Anonymous said…
The more I see photos of AAG model, the more I am proud of my America. Those men are really gorgeous. I'd like to see some more photos of this one.
DJ said…
Chris is such a sexy guy indeed! He's causing some controversy because of his tattoos ... I think he wears them so well and they make him even sexier! These pics are snapshots of his video, so not best quality. I love his bum! Such great perky bum!
Anonymous said…
I have noticed the phrase "in construction" beside his photos. What does that mean?.
DJ said…
Bio and more photos on the way ...
Anonymous said…
WOW...!. He is really handsome and sexy. Even so, he didn't surpass my men from Indiana Anthony G and Danny. But, he is worthwile.