Adam Ayash 2

Adam definitely deserves a second post, especially as it is his first anniversary at All American Guys.
He has been one of my top fave models at AAG ever since he joined the site in March last year.

Adam has it all: gorgeous looks, no doubt an inheritance from h
is Arabic Middle Eastern background, stunning physique, beautiful skin (and I so love his tattoo!), sex appeal by the bucketful and he is a very friendly charming guy.

All photographic copyrights to Michael Anthony Downs at AAG.

Adam's photos!


Luiz said…
is impossible not to fall in love with this man, I never get tired of seeing pictures of him and he is my favorite too. I hope not take long for the next post!!! ;)
Anonymous said…
Simply gorgeous. But I believe he is surpassed by other AAG models.
DJ said…
That's of course a matter of personal taste ... but there are several modles at AAG who for me are absolutely stunning and sexy and who have the whole package. For me Adam is one of them. DJ.x