Charlie Sheerer

Charlie is a Palm Beach native famous for his association with Abercrombie & Fitch. He had his first professional session in front of the camera at age 5! Looks like is mother recognised his modelling potential very early indeed!

He appeared as a male model in the 2006 A & F catalogue. Becoming an A & F male model was relatively easy for a hunky college guy from southern Florida. His mother was his first promoter. A local modelling agency took over his career in recent years and landed his admirable abs in the pages of that popular publication. Charlie also did a Ralph Lauren Polo campaign.

Charlie was not only pictured in the summer catalogue 'Casual Luxury' which was distributed to over 1.5 million homes worldwide and was designated as Abercrombie & Fitch's "premier" model for the period from April to June. That made him the star of all in-store marketing displays at Abercrombie's 348 stores in the United States and Canada and on its Web. His image was also posted on 60 billboards positioned at strategic locations in major American cities.

Charlie completely embodies the A&F lifestyle, from dedicated student to amazing athlete - and all with perfect good looks" said an Abercrombie & Fitch spokesman.

Charlie’s premier status with Abercrombie & Fitch involved making appearances every weekend in spring at the apparel retailer's new Fifth Avenue flagship store in Manhattan.
He was flown up each weekend, issued a pair a cargo shorts and flip-flops - no shirt, of course - and greeted thousands of customers who came through the flagship's doors.
"I think they chose me because I have a personality," said the 6-foot model. He believes that the models competing for the position all had great bodies but were not as articulate as he was. Of course, it helped that he has always taken care of his physique.

Among the thousands of people he came into contact with was none other than Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani, who noticed Charlie as he passed the Fifth Avenue A&F store one weekend. Charlie says that he kept speaking to him in Italian and asking him what he needed, how he could help him and if he could come to Milan to do fashion shows.

Charlie lauds the efforts of Nick Tamposi of P Model Management in West Palm Beach for the opportunity. Tamposi, who used to live down the block from the Scheerers' home, thought of his old friend Charlie when a call came in from Abercrombie & Fitch that they were looking for new faces for the summer catalogue. Tamposi had a track record with A&F casting, having successfully introduced local model Christina Coniglio to the brand the year before.

"I thought Charlie had the right look," said Tamposi, who took a Polaroid of Charlie and sent it to the Abercrombie & Fitch casting people. Charlie, still in school in Texas, could not attend the casting call in person. On the basis of that one Polaroid, Charlie’s modelling career was launched.
Now with college behind him – he studied at Southern Methodist University in Dallas - hunky Charlie is unleashing his iconic freckled face and killer body once again.

Charlie leads a healthy lifestyle. He runs a lot, eats healthy and works out regularly. He is able to speak and is much more than a pretty face.

Charlie has signed with Nous Models in LA and he was signed by the Ford agency for a brief period.

Charlie has worked with photographers such as Bruce Weber, Jeff Slater, Jamie Lucas. He has also worked for the Flash agency in Milan and the Kult agency in Hamburg.

Bruce Weber chose Charlie to appear in a Polo Ralph Lauren print and Internet campaign for the clothes Lauren designed for the Wimbledon tennis championships and a shoot for the September issue of the Italian men's fashion magazine L'Uomo Vogue.

Talking about his success as a fashion model, Charlie says that "It's all very unexpected and has turned out to be a great experience. I get to travel a lot and meet lots of people."

Apparently, Charlie is not interested in pursuing a career in front of the camera after he graduates. His post-SMU goal is to land a job in New York in finance. "I'd like to work in investment banking or for a hedge fund" he said.

This will be the finance world gain but the fashion world and our loss!


Anonymous said…
Very cute. But I am waiting for new AAG models. Please.
DJ said…
Since they are new I don't know much about them yet. I like posting some info about the guys I include here. There might be a little wait but they are coming ... :-) DJ
whitetiger said…
Charlie is simply gorgeous!! Even in black & white photos I can see his beautiful blue eyes. I've just this moment found the first photo of him I've seen. On Ohlala. But I sure hope there are more color shots of him. New shots and some of the b&w's in color, like the horizontal naked butt shot. All the best, Charlie!