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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Anthony Green

All American Guys’ latest hunk has gone straight into number one! And it’s not difficult to know why! He has gone straight into my top fave hunks from AAG I must say. With a physique to die for - love his 8 pack! and killer smile, Anthony makes me melt!

Anthony is part of the newly created Junior Muscle Guys!

Anthony’s profile at AAG tells us that he comes from the great state of Indiana. He's a mix of 'sexy, very attractive and built like a brick house' (well I didn’t need to read his profile to see that! LOL) and he's just barely twenty. Anthony is new to fitness modelling and has lots to offer, including a very spunky and confident attitude about life.

When he's not pumping iron in the gym or running around modelling on the hot sand beaches of Florida or Cali, he's with his buddies ice fishing in the cold 'tundra' up north (if it's winter time, that is). He enjoys video games, computers, being outdoors and showing off his excellent physique whenever possible.

In addition to shooting for AAG, Anthony also recently shot for a national fitness magazine and is one of the headliners for the new Junior Muscle Guys project on AAG.

I really hope we will get to see lots more of this stunning sexy guy!

*** All photo copyright to Michael Anthony Downs ***

*** Note that the top 4 pics are screencaps from one of Anthony's videos; so the quality is poor ***

Vital statistics:

Height: 5'6
Weight: 165
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Waist: 29
Neck: 16
Complexion: Medium


Anonymous said...

WOW!,WOW!,WOW!...I think I'm going to faint. This is not a man, he is a god. I have no words to describe my emotions since I saw those pictures, and he is from Indiana, this explains everything. Indiana is the best state ever.

Anonymous said...

Nice body. Ugly face.

DJ said...

Anonymous ... it's of course a matter a taste. But to say that Anthony is 'ugly' seems way over the top to me. I personally think he has a gorgeous face ... I wouldn't have included him in my blog if I didn't... :-)

Anonymous said...

"Nice body. Ugly face."

Yeah...but we don't see you posting your mug on here. Send in a picture so we can vote on it.

I think Anthony is a spectacular specimen of a man...body AND face.

Anonymous said...

@anon I understand that beauty is in the eye of the beholder... but to describe his face as 'ugly' is patently ridiculous. In fact it says more about your insecurities that you would bother to make such a comment..

Btw, I think he has an absolutely incredibly handsome face. He's definitely my favourite model from AAG. :)

Anonymous said...

um this guy's face is off the chart hotness, he is NOT ugly! How old is he? I'm so afraid I'm going to hear "20" or something which is going to make me, at 28, just sink into a horrible depression punctuated by fierce bouts of masturbation as I realize this adonis has accomplished so much more in 8 years less time lol.

Charlie said...

UGLY? What the hell is wrong with you? The guy's looks like someone turned a wolf or an artic husky into a human being. Viking warrior cub.

Anonymous said...

His face is okay. It's not "gorgeous" (BIITEOTB) but definitely not "ugly" either. "Ugly" is just too mean anyway.

Anonymous said...

for me he is perfection - love that face and rugged features - the body - superb - an Adonis that knows no equal- just wish he were taller but his look catches me every single time I see him.

Anonymous said...

whatever you say, he is my god!