Victor Benain

I don't know much about Victor Benain apart from the fact that he was born on December 17, 1987 in São Paulo and that his hobby is surfing.

But this 22 year old Brazilian is such a beautiful kid, I wanted to post his photos while I am looking him up and try to find some informations about him. I am not even sure Victor is signed with any modelling agency as all pics I could find are from the Terra The Boy photo shoot by Felipe Lessa.

Do I need to say that Victor is a gorgeous boy, sexy and full of youthful charm?

Vital statistics:

Height: 1.74m

Weight: 74KG


Anonymous said…
Well, I don't feel attracted for brazilian men, but I assume that this one is cute. I prefer americans, especially of the site ALL AMERICAN GUYS. Please, publish photos of DANNY, he is the new AAG model and I'd love to see some pics of him in this blog.
JamTheCat said…
Victor has the loveliest smile to go with his off-beat attractiveness. Normally he's leaner than what I prefer, but for some reason I'd love to be with him, if only to bask in the beauty of his eyes and lips.