Jason Taulb

Taken from Jason's latest heatseeker at AAG, these snapshots of this young stud are so hot and sexy! Hope you enjoy!

Jason is a stunning 19 year old fitness model at All American Guys.com.

Fairly new to modelling, this sexy young guy is an amazing showman as exemplified in his live chats at AAG. Jason has a gorgeous sexy physique and he isn’t shy when it comes to showing it off! His great sexy moves in hot underwear are a crowd pleaser during his live chats and make people beg for more!

Jason comes from the state of California, where he is a fire fighter. I have to stop here one second to mention that a fire fighter is my fantasy of a man in uniform! So it would be amazing to see a photo of this hunk in fire fighting gear!

He is one of those rare guys who enjoys life to its fullest and always wears a smile. When he is not fighting fires, Jason attends college and also models part time.

His hobbies include martial arts, which he is really good at. He also loves travelling, playing sports (he is an all-round jock), snowboarding and of course surfing the Pacific Ocean.

Jason is a pretty open minded guy and he loves the attention he gets from being a model. And I personally love watching him enjoying himself!

Vital statistics

Height: 5'10
Weight: 170
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Waist: 31
Neck: 16
Chest: 40
Complexion: Fair


The Slabber said…
Thanks for posting these hot pics of this hot guy. ;-)
DJ said…
You're welcome Slabber! I think this young guy is more than sexy; he absolutely oozes raw sex! I'd love to find more photos of him but so far nothing ... love your blogs man! cheers. dj.x