Ben Pamies

Super American hunk model Ben was born in Jamaica, Queens NYC, but moved around quite a bit before staying put in Cleveland, Ohio for his Junior High and High School days.

Ben says that he had a great upbringing and has great parents. His parents, Rubens and Alice shaped the values he keeps now and made him who he is today. He is very close to his family, which includes 2 sisters, 2 half brothers, a step mom and 2 step brothers. He loves them all and feels blessed for their continued love and support.

After a brief shot at a baseball career and a few years of college life at Miami University in Oxford Ohio, he jumped at an opportunity to do some modelling work and moved back to New York at 22 years of age.

When Ben got to NYC he was encouraged to take a few acting classes to broaden his range of marketability and make him eligible for commercials and particularly some of the soaps that are taped in New York City. Class became his addiction. He found it to be a therapeutic outlet for any anxiety and a place to just lose himself, as well as gain perspective by walking in another man’s shoes and embodying that character.

He is grateful for all opportunities that he’s had as a model, but as he continues to grow as an actor both in class and with various on set opportunities there is no doubt of his shift in priorities and mind set. ‘I am an actor!’ He says. Any further work he does in modelling or otherwise is used as a platform or bridge toward his goals as an actor in TV and film.

2008 was very big year for Ben. He married the love of his life and biggest supporter in all his endeavours, Amanda; and soon after they welcomed to the world their son Corben.

He is confident in his abilities and full of hard work and passion he applies with every opportunity he has to step in front of a camera. He feels forever humbled by his son and the responsibilities of being a loving and providing father, by his wife and the honour it is to be her husband, by his family and their undying support, his amazing friends and support, and anyone and everyone who goes out of their way on his behalf helping him achieve his goals.

Vital statistics:

Height: 6ft 2

Weight: 190 lbs

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown