Todd Sanfield

I have been in awe in front of this gorgeous American model ever since I saw him in DNA Magazine. For me he has everything a model should have; a stunning body, a very handsome face, a certain cuteness about him, sweet and seemingly friendly and approchable.

Todd may not be the most famous male model out there yet, but he sure does have a very good chance of becoming one. Just look at that handsome face and that well-sculpted body. These photos should be enough for you to believe that he has all the right ingredients to become a super model!

Todd is a medical student and has been modelling for a couple of years. He says that he owes his success to his parents. After all it was his proud mum who persuaded him to get into modelling.

Todd did some research into the top agencies in New York and sent in some photos. IMG called him back within an hour.

Thanks to the photo-spreads in TĂȘtu and DNA magazines, Todd is one of a few models that stood out in 2007 and is fast becoming one of the most familiar faces to the public.

Todd has also appeared in OUT magazine and modelled for a number of underwear companies.

Todd says he is a total softie inside and when asked what he despised the most, he says, "Racists. And myself after I’ve eaten 10 deserts in one day!"

According to Todd, the five words that best describe him are: Outgoing, thoughtful, energetic, charismatic and narcissistic. And when asked where he sees himself in five years, he says, "Back in school getting my medicine degree.