KC Fields

Kyle C Fields is a fashion and fitness model. He was born on 15th October 1982. He is from Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. His background is Native American Indian, English, Scottish and Irish.

Kyle is new to the industry and is always hustling and trying to improve his exposure.

Kyle lives in Morgantown, West Virginia where he shares a flat with five close friends.

Kyle is a law student at West Virginia University where he is finishing his third year. In undergrad, he graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Charleston, where he was a quarterback and captain of the football team.

After getting more involved in fitness Kyle was approached for some athletic catalogue shoots. Since then he has done work for hair product companies, athletic wear and underwear. He can be found at All American Guys where Michael A Downs has done great work with him. Kyle’s ultimate goal is to be in a Bowflex commercial. He has done ads for Nico Spalon, Retro Hair Products, Corridor Magazine and Dick's Sports.

Kyle is the oldest of four brothers and he has two supportive parents. His dad is the
positive force in his life and has always encouraged him to go after his dreams and do
whatever makes him happy. But he admits to being a "mama's boy" and anytime he finds himself in need of help, she is his personal counsellor and one of his closest friends.

Kyle works for a tanning company which provides tanning in your own home but he would love to manage his own talent agency.

Kyle has recently been pursuing acting and has been lucky to have a small role in Love and Other Drugs, a feature film starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway (coming out in the Autumn of 2010).

In his spare time he enjoys travelling, going out with his friends, working out, playing pickup basketball and meeting new people. His favourite food has got to be his Mom's enchiladas. Kyle usually tends to be the crazy one in the group, the one who ends up streaking down the street on a dare or wearing some ridiculous outfit to get a few laughs.