Jed Hill

Super hunk Jed was born on 23 January 1985. He is a former Penn State football player for the Nittany Lions.

He decided to turn to fitness and underwear modelling. Thank God he did! It was a wise decision as Jed has all the ingredients to be a top model and ever since he burst onto the professional male modelling scene with his amazing physique and stunning eyes, he has been working non stop.

Since his change of career, Jed has shed some pounds (he played defence and was rather bulky) and transformed his athletic physique into that super trimmed and ripped body that we love! Have you seen those abs?!

Jed is currently a fitness model with R&L Models in New York. He was voted DNA Magazine Mate of the Month in September 2008.

Jed has worked with: Jon Malinowski and Rick Day among others.

Vital statistics:

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 245

Hobbies: Going to gym, modelling, body building

Interests: working out, nutrition

Agency: R and L Agency New York City


Anonymous said…
You didn't mention those kissable lips and the rest of the body, he is so hot, I had to leave my desk top for awhile, but I came back.
jorgino29 said…
So your main picture on the american flag is a picture I took.! You should feature THAT guy. His name is Brock...Check him out on my facebook page:!/profile.php?id=594526164
DJ said…
Hi Jorge! I love your work and I'm so honoured that you posted in my blog! Are you talking about Brock Yurich? I have posted 8 times in here about him. He's my fave model at and he is so talented besides having a stunning physique. I've just come back from Edinburgh where I met Brock just before he went on stage. He is also a fantastic singer/actor! I love what you've done with brock Jorge! I'm a huge fan of yours.
Lucien said…
One supremely gorgeous man, every inch seems to be virile perfection
Anonymous said…
JED HILL is fabulously handsome and he and Michael Radon do a splendid job in Masculine's Trip to Rome videos. Michael radon is also a great great hunk of a man and very sexy.
Anonymous said…
Jed, you are just awesome!
You are a great inspiration to those of us striving to keep fit...THANK YOU! All the BEST
to you...
Baxter's Briefs said…
soooo fucking hot!