Bernardo Velasco

Brazil brings us yet another stunning model with Bernardo Velasco.

Bernardo was born on 30 January 1986 in Niterói, Brazil. He managed to do some fashion and commercial campaigns while studying for his degree in Physical Education which is has now completed. He is now a full time model.

It all started when he was in a program from Globo Network and got invited by some modelling agencies; so he felt that it was the right time to start a career as a model.

He obviously loves sports and has practiced soccer, swimming and tennis. Bernardo maintains his stunning physique by training regularly and working hard on his body.

Before posing for Junior and becoming the December 2008 cover darling of The Boy (photography by Márcio Del Nero), Bernardo posed for Elian Gallardo in Uva & Banana. It looks like Bernardo could well be on his way to international stardom.

He thinks that his most important work so far was for Telefônica Latin America. His most unusual modelling work was for an ad campaign where they only shot some details of his hand and a job he did for a costume jewellery catalogue.

Bernardo would love to do a beach photoshoot in swimwear with lots of female models such as Isabeli Fontana, Gisele Bündchen!

When asked to pick a job he would be best at – between a country/folk singer, a male stripper or the president of the United States/BrazilBernardo replies: “Wow! Neither of these options. lol! Maybe I’d be better working as a professional on physical education. This is what I used to do before or maybe a personal trainer too”.

Bernardo is a fan of hip-hop music but he likes listening to a lot of different sounds around the world! He likes all the James Bond movies and loves just about any dish with pasta. He also told The Boy that he’s prone to anxiety. His hobbies include soccer, computer, going to be beach and chilling out with his buddies.

Model agency: Elian Gallardo Models

Photographers: Márcio Del Nero, Fabio Pamplona

Vital statistics:

Height: 5'10
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Brown
Chest: 39