Nick Ayler

Gorgeous Nick is 22 year old and lives in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina but hails from Las Vegas, NV. Nick says he has always had a desire to live on the west coast after he had lived in Vegas.

He is currently attending school online (due to travelling) for a double major in Business Hospitality and Business management.

Nick acts, models, dances, hosts and he is willing to learn any trait in the industry that it takes to get him where he wants to be in the Hollywood fashion world.

He describes himself as an easy-going guy, witty and out going but at the same time the most ambitious, determined, fun-loving and focused person one will meet throughout their life.

He says that “Persistence is my middle name when it comes to my career and School ... it goes hand in hand with my dream of one day becoming a successful actor/model/dancer”.

Growing up, Nick had moved 18 different times during high school, middle school, and grade school, so he had never had the time to take a serious effort and put it towards his dream of one day being a model.

Nick has worked with various accredited people in the industry such as Richard Futch in Charleston, SC for acting, Tony Gonzales in Los Angeles for choreography and Nina Vasco in NYC for modelling.

He has played every sport there is to play and has had a knack for playing the drums since the age of 12.

Some photographers Nick has worked with: Hans Farhmeyer, Greg Vaughn, Al Ocana, David Arnot ...

Vital statistics:

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 165lbs

Eyes: blue

Hair: brown


Anonymous said…
he looks like benjamin godfre... a little..
Anonymous said…
Este chico está para hacer burradas con él.
Ricardo López said…
omfg!! defintivamente uno de mis hombres favoritos
Anonymous said…
stunning looking man , fantastic body would love to see him with some fur , very hot