Matt Walch

Super hunk Matt is a boy from the Pacific Northwest through and through. Born in Medford, Oregon, his family moved to Bend, Oregon when he was a child and he lived in Bend until he left for college.

Matt got interested in fitness when he was fifteen. He credits his father for first getting him interested in working out. It was on an outing to Gold's Gym with his father that he realised he wanted to develop the most perfect body he could. His dad started him on a training regimen and Matt's fitness career was launched.

At the age of 18, Matt met Rick Edwards who was an extremely successful model. While working out together, Rick started giving Matt some lifting tips and suggested that he should get involved with modelling. There must be something in the water in Bend because in addition to Rick, Matt had looked for inspiration from fellow Mega Muscle model Dave Nathan. With encouragement from his work out buddies, Matt quickly got signed with an agency and before long, he was working regularly for companies like Nike. From there, he signed with Mega Muscle Productions and now has a complete line of workout videos and other products featuring his image and likeness.

In addition to fitness and modelling, Matt has many other passions. He is often photographed as a cowboy but it isn't just a costume. Matt was raised around ranches and grew up with horses. He has competed in rodeos - both riding bareback and roping calves. A recent injury riding prevents him from competing bareback anymore but he still competes calf roping.

Another true passion for Matt is fire fighting. There is a series of images of Matt as a fire-fighter and in them, he is wearing his own gear. Matt actually lives in a fire house in a small rural town and is finishing up his college education in Industrial Technology Education which he plans on using to be a structural fire-fighter.