Justin Seitz

is a fitness model and personal trainer originally from Cincinnati, Ohio. He lived there most of his life until he moved to Hollywood to pursue his dreams of becoming a model and actor.

Justin started modelling because all of his life, people have been telling him that he has the right look. And who could disagree with that?
Since getting started, Justin has been in numerous ad campaigns in fitness magazines and he now has his own site and a fitness video! He hopes to some day open his own personal training company.

When he turned 20, he went to a modelling school where he learned that this was something that he could really get into.

Justin started working out when he was 18. A subscription to Muscle & Fitness was the inspiration he needed to start working out and trying to perfect his body. It was one of his dreams to be one of those guys on the cover of a fitness magazine.
He loves LA and has developed a strong client base there. He finds it very rewarding to work with someone and help them reach their goals.

He can't wait to see what the future has in store for him!
NorthAmericanBodies.com was lucky enough to schedule a Venice Beach shoot with Justin and add him to their top fitness models and bodybuilders.

He is always in perfect shape, in real life he looks exactly like his photos. Justin is a great model in that he really loves to be in front of the camera. The best models are guys that love to be looked at. The word that comes to mind is an exhibitionist. Every photographer is looking for this type of model. They become a different person when they are in front of a camera. It is a joy and very hot to watch him work the camera.

Vital statistics:
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 195 lbs
Arms: 18”
Chest: 46”
Waist: 31”
Hair colour: Brown
Hair length: Short
Eye colour: Brown
Ethnicity: Caucasian