Joel Rush

 Stunning Joel Rush is an American model from Kokomo, Indiana. He was born in 1982.
We find Joel totally sexy and hot, possessing that pure male macho raw appeal.
If you like them big and loud then you must love Joel!

Joel is currently living on both coasts in New York City and Los Angeles.
Joel is from humble beginnings and was raised extremely well, being taught to always reach for the stars while never forgetting where you come from. He attended college and lived in Indianapolis, IN for 7 years after high school then moved south to Florida to accept a position with a specialty software firm.
Joel has been involved in modelling and acting since 2001 when he was first scouted by a photographer when he played college football from 99 to 03 for the Butler University Bulldogs. After graduation while working as a software professional in the healthcare industry Joel took various modelling assignments knowing one day that he would pursue this career full time.
Joel had his first independent film ‘Exit 727’ an Insubordinate Productions project which debuted at the Cannes Film Festival.
Joel Rush is just as cool as his name makes him sound. He is a wild party-guy who confessed he married his wife because she is "as hot as me, so she can relate to what I go through."
Joel says he already acts like a celebrity so it is only a matter of time before he is truly famous. Though he leads a fairly humdrum life, Joel is anything but boring. Cocky as hell, he knows he looks good and insists on surrounding himself with only the hottest people. The self-proclaimed "Crown Prince of Cool" says his workout regiment is all about "looking great naked."
Some people think that his aggressive confidence and cockiness probably cost him the win of the reality show True Beauty on ABC (produced by Ashton Kutcher and Tyra Banks) but he was runner up, beating all the other male contestants. 

As an example of his arrogance Joel told People magazine that ‘for someone as good-looking as him to spend time befriending ugly people would be like catching fleas from a dog’. 

Despite remarks like this Joel has also a heart and will tear up if you ask him about his grandpa.

In his free time Joel enjoys playing flag football, training at the gym and playing golf. He also loves to pal around with his French bulldog Teddy.
Whatever you think of him, I imagine you’ll enjoy his amazing photos ...
Joel has worked with amazing photographers such as Rick Day, Tony Duran, Jason T Jaskot, Hudson Wright ...