Mike Bellantuono

Mike is an accomplished and ambitious model from Long Island. He began his modelling career at the urging of a friend. “A friend of mine suggested that I start modeling,” he discloses. “I thought it was a joke but sent in some photos anyway and everything just exploded from there.” Mike has quite a bit of modelling experience under his belt and has got several promotional gigs and numerous conventions.

“By far, though, my biggest modeling endeavor was being one of the finalists for the Armani Exchange Underwear Model Contest.” His enthusiasm does not end with modelling, however. “Right now, one of my main goals is to get my magazine, Young Muscle, out there. I feel that making a name for myself modeling has really set me in the right direction.”

Someone as successful as Mike has to maintain their looks and be disciplined enough to follow a strict training regimen. “I play basketball and softball with my friends when we get a chance. I’m always active whether in doing my sit-ups and push-ups in my room, hitting the weights, or going for a jog. I try to mix it up and keep my body guessing.”

Mike has a great sense of humour and, when asked how his friends would describe him, laughingly responded, “My friends would definitely consider me a piece of work. No, seriously, I’m outgoing, fun to be around and easy to get along with. Sometimes people feel intimidated by me and don’t approach me, but I’m just like everybody else.”

Even Mike occasionally deals with rejection. “Rejection doesn’t bother me at all because it just means the client wasn’t looking for someone with my look. To succeed in modeling you always have to keep a positive attitude. There’s a lot of competition out there, but there are also many different jobs to book. Oh, and keep doing your sit-ups,” he quips.

When Mike isn’t posing for the camera, he enjoys spending time with his friends. “We like to go to the clubs around here. I’d have to say Pacha is our favorite place. If you’re ever in New York City, check it out!” When asked if he had a message for his fans, Mike was ready with a joke. “I didn’t realize I had any fans, but thanks for the support!”

Vital statistics:
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 185
Chest: 43
Neck: 16
Pant: 32/32
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

Mike is represented by Red Models.

Modelling Credits:
Armani Exchange underwear finalist
Co-founder of Young Muscle Magazine


Kristopher Kelly

Jon Whitney