James Guardino

James is a 25 year old American model who has been seen on major fashion shows, often sporting treads that could only be considered as haute couture. He is also a favourite amongst online underwear stores.

For James the secret to looking good has to do with maintaining a healthy diet, exercising on a regular basis, and always keeping a positive attitude. “Cause we all know what stress can do on our looks!”

In an interview with Major Model Management James reveals more about himself.

He was born in N.Y. at Franklin General Hospital in Valley Stream, Long Island. He is the youngest of 3 boys.

James got into modelling by just walking into Major Model Management and they signed him up straight away and he’s been there ever since!

He really didn't know what to expect at the start of his career. He finds the business very unpredictable, not knowing what his schedule is going to be like from day to day, or where he is going to be travelling next. It is always a mystery. Each coming day has a new and exciting project waiting to happen. He also find making new friends and meeting new people from around the world to be a blast.

James attributes his great genes to the fact that he was blessed with a beautiful Greek mother, and an Italian stud for a father!

He has the word "mother" written on his arm as a tribute to his mom who passed away when he was very young.

James likes pigging out at Taco Bell once in a while. He also likes to indulge in brownies and vanilla ice cream on special occasions!

He had a fun time shooting the Joss Stone "Spoiled" music video. He also enjoyed shooting for Armani Exchange and also any job that brings him to the tropics!

James is in the gym as frequently as possible training with moderate weight with lots of reps, and during the summer he loves outdoor activities such as baseball, football, watersports and rollerblading.


Premier Model Management

Major Model Management

Photographers: Alan Purcell, Rick Day

Vital statistics:

Height 6'2"

Chest 42

Waist 32

Men Shoe 11.5

Hair Brown

Eyes Hazel